The Second Costume

June – July 2004

I made the skirt and bodice to go over the first dress, in an attempt to be more historically accurate. But it ended up as a new outfit all together. It’s green dupioni and black cotton embroidered with rows of vines and leaves. I actually tried to make a corset but didn’t have the necessary skills at this point. Bodice and skirt are Simplicity’s 0663. The paned sleeves are Margo Anderson’s Elizabethan Gentleman, and the forepart is Simplicity’s 8881, Elizabethan. I’m wearing a hoop skirt underneath, and Sabrina’s silk chemise. The hat, Fantasy Fashion’s Renaissance Maiden, is linen, and I added a silk veil. Aaron is wearing the outfit Sabrina made for him. We got a few compliments on our color scheme, as these costumes looked nice together, and just one snooty remark, “I like your machine embroidery.”