Beaded Gown


Back in 2002 Sabrina had a newly completed gown (the trained Italian), and was looking for an opportunity to wear it. There was a local Renaissance Faire scheduled within weeks, so we decided to make a day of it.
Now, neither Aaron nor I had been to a Renaissance Faire in eons. We were perfectly content to go without costumes. Alternatively, we could have made do with something out of her closet. But Sabrina was quite insistent, “It’s so much funner to go in costume!” Despite our pleas not to go to any effort, we were whisked off to the fabric stores. A selection was made for Aaron’s costume and some yardage was picked up for mine. Sabrina did some last minute sewing and accessory shopping – belts, bags and mugs from the thrift stores, and sure enough, she had us ready and dressed in time for the event. She even smuggled in a bottle of champagne under her dress so we had quite a frolic.
The day following our adventure Aaron and I were busy recuperating. Sabrina, on the other hand, really wanted to go back. She asked us to take the return trip with her. To us it just sounded exhausting plus we were all Ren-Faired out. We had to decline. All her other friends were busy. All, that is, except one, who was laid up with a broken rib. But Sabrina could be quite convincing. She managed to lure her over to her place. Then she got her dressed up in this very gown. The conversation that ensued went something like: “But Sabrina, this dress is too small and my rib hurts!”..and Sabrina: “here, take this…(puts Vicoden in her hand)…you’ll be fine!”
Sabrina went back to the Faire that day. And according to the friend, they had a fantastic time.
Sabrina embellished this costume by hand-beading over much of the bodice, sleeves and neckline. She used a variety of crystals and seed beads to give it a really nice texture and sparkle. These photos are from Sabrina’s birthday party visit to the Renaissance Fair, September 15, 2000. The detail picture is from December 02.