Dresses for Friends


One of Sabrina’s driving forces was to live without surrounding herself with “stuff.” She kept her household free of this “stuff” by constantly giving things away. Rather than buying books, she used the library whenever possible. Gift books she read and then donated. She loved keeping up with the latest fashions, but refused to allow her clothing collection to build. Her new wardrobe came in, and the old wardrobe went out. Sabrina’s visitors were encouraged to pick through the ever-present giveaway pile by the front door. And if someone she knew well was foolish enough to give her a knickknack, it was often politely given back, right then and there: “Heather, you know I don’t keep this stuff…here…you keep it.” The one big exception to this rule was art and sewing supplies, which she did stash, along with a handful of reference books.
It was in this manner that Sabrina gave away nearly every costume she made. She was continually making new ones, so there was always a fair-sized costume collection in the closet. And if you knew Sabrina for any length of time, chances are she would insist on sewing you a costume. But if you happened to fit into any of her own creations she would implore you to model it (she loved dressing people up), and then often insist that you keep it. After all, you look SO Good in it! Plus, you don’t have your own Renaissance/Can-Can/Fairy costume, at home do you? The beauty of this is that all of Sabrina’s close friends now have one of her costumes. Some of her pieces were given to family members, or made so recently they had not yet been given away, and those now reside in Sabrina’s old closet.