Wedding Dress

June 24, 1995

Sabrina and Josh’s first wedding was held in a public park in Austin, Texas. It was unique. They wrote their own vows and ceremony. Most of the wedding party was dressed in some combination of fantasy/ medieval/ Renaissance costume. A more eccentric friend acted as “flower girl.” He was quite a sight, prancing around in a bright floral vintage 60s mini dress, complete with basket of rose petals. The SCA, as it turned out, had scheduled their sword practice that day. They just played through the ceremony. They got some wedding cake too.
For her wedding dress, Sabrina altered a 1960s vintage gown. I think she described it as a “pretty, but gaudy 60s dress” with lots of potential. She also picked up her very first sewing machine for this project, and learned to use it. She fashioned a circle of roses to carry, and they both went barefoot. It was very beautiful.