1650s Dutch Waistcoat

January – September 2014

I wanted to make a garment with the unusually full sleeves one sees in this era.  So I made a third jacket in yellow silk-wool, and a milkmaid cap, to wear with my Dutch peasant costume. The link below will take you to a gallery of images with the sort of 17thC waistcoat I was aiming for.

The waistcoat was made from exactly 1.33 yards of 60″ silk-wool blend, originally purchased for a vest. After cutting the pattern, there were only tiny scraps left. And nothing had to be placed off-grain or pieced. It’s a shortened version of my 1650s peasant jacket, with Jean Hunnisett’s 1645-55 sleeves (p. 117). An additional gore was added to the side seams to give the skirting extra flare. The jacket is lined in cotton batiste.

1.33 yards of fabric

A detailed write up of the milkmaid cap will be found on the Renaissance linens page. The red wool skirt, identical to the blue, was cut a year later as an afterthought.