Cross Stitch Needle Book

November 2008 – July 2022

This bit of cross stitching is from a diagram in Patrons de broderie et de lingerie du XVIe siècle. The original plan was to make a full 16th Century collar. But I didn’t make a clean copy of the pattern, or plot out a reversed motif. After completing two flowers, it was clear that my embroidery had errors, and the pattern isn’t perfect. But I hated to give up on it. Despite the obvious mistakes, it’s still silk embroidery on fine linen, and a very pretty design. So it sat unfinished on the waste canvas for many years. Then a fellow costumer suggested I turn it into a needle book. What a great idea! A piece of undercollar felt holds the needles, and 1/8″ twill tape ties it closed. The finished size of the needle book is about 2.5″ x 5.75″.