1740s Chintz

January – April 2023

A matched jacket and petticoat in Colonial Williamsburg reproduction fabric, “India Garden.” It’s copied from a 1710-1730 chintz in their collection. I had a few yards of this cotton in my stash. As it turned out, I needed to purchase a couple more in order to make the 42″ width work. The first few yards were purchased years ago from a different vendor and the dye lots are noticeably different. But this is hardly an issue with such a busy print.
The plan was to get a good base pattern because this was my first 18th century jacket. I ended up using the Scroop Amalia Jacket view A, lining pieces only. And a skirt from Nehelenia Patterns’ Casaquin. In other words, the jacket is cut very plain without extra seam lines in back. Accessories were patterned from the 1740s ensemble in American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking — a little linen cap, and a matched neckerchief and apron in embroidered lawn. The lawn was also used for my maiden folk costume as a tea dyed blouse.
The outfit is worn with 18th century stays, chemise and petticoat, a 17th century hip pad and black Fugawee shoes. While I was on a roll, I went ahead and decorated a straw hat with white china silk ribbons. Didn’t bring it for the photo shoot. Final bits are a cotton sateen neck ribbon, a favorite fan and a silk ribbon on the cap.