Truly Victorian Chemise

December 2009 – January 2010

An 1885 chemise in pima cotton batiste with Truly Victorian’s #102 pattern. Cotton crochet lace, silk ribbon trim, and finished with narrow french seams and armscye bindings.
This is an undergarment for low cut bodices. By letting out the drawstring, the neckline drops all the way below the shoulders. Very handy for ballgowns. The center front point was a bit tricky to bind. But it is a pretty line. I may have to make a more durable everyday version as this fabric is quite dainty.
I discovered that with certain costumes the sleeves were problematic. So I made the pattern again, without them. Incidentally, this sleeveless version is quite similar to a McCall 1910 antique chemise pattern in my stash. But I like the fit of Truly Victorian’s much more. So I’ll be using this new chemise for my 20th Century things, as needed.