1920s Chiffon

May 2009 – May 2011

I love this printed silk. But this was my first time sewing with chiffon. Enough said. Luckily the pattern has only two seams. It’s Folkwear’s #261 Paris Promenade Dress. (I’ve seen several versions of this garment to date, and none have looked anything alike.) Mine is made without the apron and with an added voile lining. The lining is dress-width at the hem, and narrows as it goes up. My fronts and backs are sewn separately at the top, with fabric and lining making a french seam. The upper arm is unsewn and tacked at intervals with single garnets.
To me, this dress reads as late 1910s to early 1920s depending on how it’s worn. I had originally planned to wear this garment belted and made a long silk charmeuse sash in two tones of purple. But I don’t know that it really works belted around the waist. Worn belted around the hips looks okay, and is certainly more recognizable as early 20s. But I was inspired by the Fortuny tunic, p. 385 of the Kyoto Fashion book, to try wearing it loose. And then completely forgot to get belted pictures. So this more theatrical version will have to do. I couldn’t resist doing a little homage to Nijinsky in ‘Le Spectre de la Rose’. Ballets Russes and their avant-garde design is so often associated with this era.