1900 – 1909 Corset Girdle

April 2010

My corsets tend to be pretty utilitarian, and this is no exception. It’s the Corset Girdle in Laughing Moon’s #113 Under Bust Corsets. A single layer of coutil, boning tape, and an 8″ busk. I experimented by adding some spiral boning on the sides, though normally I use 1/4″ steels throughout. The pattern was modified at center front: it’s lowered a full 1-1/2″ to prevent the corset from interfering with my modern bra. I put in cute, white, 1/8″ fashion eyelets at the back.
I made this to wear under my bicycling skirt, which is fitted through the hips. The ridge of the lower edge of the corset shows through a bit. While this would not be a problem with a longer corset, it wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable an option for Victorian “sporting activities”.