Basic Skirts

New Look #6730

Red Knit Skirt and Beanie (March 2020)
One yard of cotton blend was purchased for this pattern a few years back. It seemed like the right time to finally sew it up! I’ve been living in this skirt for the past two months. So next time I’m in a fabric-buying mood I may just pick up some more knits.
The matching beanie cap was made in January. Having lost a cap that I’d worn for the past 5 winters, it was actually faster to make a new one than try to find a good replacement. I could probably have a whole rainbow collection of beanies, with very little effort. The pattern is free here, from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Floral Knit Skirt (Spring 2018)
This print is cheery and fun from a distance, but rather awful in person. As I have virtually no experience sewing with knits, my requirements for a fabric were simple – cotton blend and on sale. The pattern is about as easy as it gets and fit without any adjustments. As might be predicted, every time I wear this a few threads pop in the hem.

New Look #6843

Black Calico & Cowboys (August – September 2016)
The whole point of sewing these was to practice putting in zippers. It was worth the extra effort to make a couple of A-Line skirts, rather than sew boring muslin zips. They’re made up in quilting cottons. This is a nice basic pattern and I added about an inch for a below-the-knee length.

Blue Skirt (April 2020)
This linen/cotton blend has been aging in my collection for a while. It seemed too bright a color for Renaissance, and too heavy a fabric for a dress. I made a length of it into a new kitchen towel. Then this matching skirt, with the only zipper I had on hand – bright yellow. Since we’re always at home a pocket is actually quite worthwhile. It’s nice to have somewhere to drop the house key when I step out the front door. Admittedly, I haven’t wanted to wear anything but knits. Naturally, there’s not a yard of knit in my entire stash of doom.