Half Aprons

Orange Half Apron (December 2016)
When I saw how pretty these scraps in my “muslin” box went together I felt compelled to make this half apron. Also, any excuse to delay more complicated projects.

Green Check Apron (December 2016 – February 2017)
One yard of green check cotton, destined for the muslin box. What else is there to do but make an apron? It paired well with at least three other cottons so I asked Aaron to help me decide. He picked the yellow floral. The baby ricrac was also from my supplies, originally purchased for a different apron.
The A-line skirt was made by chopping off the top of Simplicity’s #8232 (a 1940s repro apron) and adding a little length.

Yellow Half Apron (September – November 2017)
Simplicity apron #4282. The leftover yardage from my 1960 dress made for a very cheery apron. I only recently discovered this in my closet, having finished it several years back. I plan to use it as a removable pocket around the apartment. I realize this apron doesn’t look much like the pattern illustration – I only used it as a base.