Home Ec

Kitchen Towels (March – April 2020)
These 18″ x 28″ kitchen towels were made from leftover lengths of linen and linen/cotton blends. Totally unintentionally, they ended up making a nice coordinated set.

Sewing Machine Cover (April 2020)
Nothing fancy here. Just a plain rectangular sewing machine cover, made from some leftover dirndl fabric. Always meant to make one of these and it only took me about a decade to get around to it. Unlike the bulky plastic cover that came with my machine (which I never had a place to store), this is actually in regular, daily use.

Botanical Print Drapes (February 2021)
A pair of simple botanical print drapes in 8oz cotton canvas. I was looking for something washable and heavy, and came across this lovely botanical print. The fabric decision was made on the spot! The only drawback to this canvas was in adding the tabs as the seam allowances are 1/4″ thick in places. But I had my mind set on tabs, and my home machine didn’t seem to have a problem sewing through it (though doing so did make me nervous). These drapes really lighten up the room.