Modern Aprons

Mouse Camp Apron (November 2016)
Simplicity apron #9565, which is a one-size, unisex pattern. I chose the single large pocket at the bottom, stitched down the center (which makes it two pockets). This was supposed to be an apron for Aaron. And while he agrees that the mouse camp fabric is pretty darn cute, I will try to pick out something more manly next time!

Red and Green Apron (December 2016 – June 2017)
Simplicity apron #9565, with a large pocket at the bottom stitched into thirds. The fabric was bought in December and I used some green check for contrast. I call this my “ugly xmas apron.” Other than the red and green color scheme, however, it’s not particularly xmasy. But the print does have a hilarious assortment of silhouettes including scissors, shoes, teapots and ducks.

Camo Girls Apron (September – October 2017)
Simplicity apron #9565. A remnant of camo girls quilting cotton made an excellent barbecue apron. I even picked up some khaki colored twill tape for the waist ties. Aaron has been cooking more than usual now that we’re home 24/7 (in 2020). I took these pictures while he was outside grilling. Having the perfect accessories in hand was an unexpected bonus.