Pin-up Cowgirls shirt #2

December 2014 – January 2015

One of the very first things I ever sewed was a shirt for Aaron, Pin-up Cowgirls shirt #1. It was a fabric he’d selected on one of our shopping trips with Sabrina. Sabrina was teaching me to sew at the time, so Aaron just went ahead and cut the shirt himself. He did an expert job with the layout and placed his favorite girl straddling the pocket. It was worn nearly every other week for a decade and finally had to be retired. We spent several years trying to find the same fabric for a replacement, but without success. Then, all of a sudden last fall — there it was in the local fabric store: reprinted and exactly as the original. In honor of shirt #1, the same girl is placed on the pocket.

Simplicity pattern #4696, circa 1954
Pin-up Cowgirls shirt #2 vs. shirt #1